The Oxford Schools Chaplaincy (OSC) is a Christian charity that presents the Christian faith with relevance and clarity in a range of schools around Oxford. The majority of our work is with secondary schools and we have a range of lessons, assemblies and activities designed for students from Years 6 to 13.

OSC is a member of the Evangelical Alliance and provides a recognised link between churches and schools, as well as pastoral support to both staff and pupils. 

We believe that it is essential to equip young people to make informed decisions about faith and lifestyle and encounter different perspectives on faith and religion. 

Oxford Schools Chaplaincy aims to provide:

•A useful educational resource for local schools, giving a faith perspective on a wide range of important issues as well as ready access to the local church.

•An accurate and broad understanding of living faith and its practice, challenging common misconceptions about the Christian faith in the modern world.

•Support and encouragement for Christians working in the schools, whether pupils, teachers or other members of staff.

•A link between local schools and local churches.

•Training and resources for those communicating the Christian faith in schools.