On Friday 18th October, OSC held their annual encouragement evening for school staff. It was a great opportunity to meet together with Christians in similar workplaces. Being able to exchange stories of challenges and triumphs is a good reminder we're not in it alone! We were treated to drinks and a meal followed by a delicious chocolate pudding. After this, Chris Birch-Evans (Director of STEP Schools Work) spoke to us about the importance of finding our self worth in what Christ has done for us rather than in our productivity and others opinions which is such a relevant message to teachers in particular. Following this, we spent some time praying for each other, our workplaces and the education system in the UK. Singing in unity of Jesus, our Saviour and the light of the world, was such an apt way to end our evening. Thank you OSC for blessing and encouraging us in these ways and I look forward to attending next year!

Becca Callard