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OSC was delighted to host our Annual Pray for Schools event at Woodstock Road Baptist Church on Tuesday 21st June 2022. 

Please feel free to download some of the prayer points taken from the evening, in praying for schools and education generally, as well as for the work of OSC.

OSC supporters meet to pray each week for our city's schools.  To find out more, or to receive a weekly email of prayer points, please contact



It has been a joy to return to classrooms, following the last couple of years of lock-downs, taking local Christian volunteers into schools to share our faith with students, in teams delivering prepared lessons.  Training is given to all volunteers. If you have not volunteered in this way before and you would be interested to know more, please do get in touch with    

We are always seeking additional supporters for Christian Unions and Christian Explorer groups meeting in schools across the city  – small groups of five to ten students at lunchtime or after school.  New volunteers who are available during the daytime once a week, are most welcome to talk to us, and consider becoming an OSC volunteer.  Again, please do get in touch:   




There are a number of ways in which you can join us and support us in praying for our city's schools.

OSC prayer group meets every Thursday both in-person and online (term time), from 10.30am - 11am to hold our schools, their leadership, their teachers, and their students in our prayers.  We also hold an Annual Pray for Schools event each year - we believe that prayer makes a difference! 

The OSC Annual Pray for Schools event takes place around May or June each year.  Requests for prayer are gathered from schools in and around Oxford, and many friends and supporters meet in person or online, breaking out into small groups to pray for their local schools, and their needs.  Teachers, School Leaders and sometimes students join us to talk a little about what life has been like in the last 12 months, and to look to the future, as we meet together to pray.

Local prayer groups meet around the city to support their local schools.  We are in touch with many of them:  if you would like to be introduced to your local group, or to start one, we would be happy to put you in touch with other Christians in your area.

If you would like to send us your requests for prayer, or answers to prayer, for which we can give thanks, please do email us on   We are happy to pray for you by name, if you wish, so please do make that clear.  Otherwise, all prayer requests are anonymised - we take your name and contact details off - and pop the requests onto prayer cards, which are used for 6 months, and then destroyed, unless you ask us to keep them.

We look forward to hearing from you!