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Schoolswork uk

With the role of faith and spirituality in education changing, schoolsworkUK is passionate about facilitating a new and dynamic response to these challenges, developing and deepening the skills of Christians visiting schools, and fostering a new vision for the church’s contribution to education.


Prayer spaces in schools are day events or week long events where students can experience prayer and reflection in creative ways. In a practical sense this involves transforming a physical space (a classroom, library, meeting room etc.) so students can creatively explore faith and spirituality from a broadly Christian perspective.


Ventures and Falcons are holidays for 8-18s packed full of great activities and masses of fun while enjoying the opportunity to explore who Jesus is. Holidays are led by committed Christian leaders who have a passion for sharing the good news of Jesus with young people through the environment of a fun, activity holiday.


Wintershall has resources supporting schools, churches, and families based on their live biblical performances in the Surrey countryside. You can view sample resources and register for free to explore more.


Parable Garden is about learning about the kingdom of God for all ages through creative reflection on the parables and cultivation, following the example of Jesus in helping people to understand spiritual truths using everyday objects, relationships and processes.