We are available to come and teach RE lessons from a Christian perspective, our staff are fully qualified teachers with teaching experience.


OSC provides the following lessons but will also tailor lessons to respond to requirements


Christmas Lesson

To think about what Christmas really means to Christians today. Includes discussion of the characters in the Christmas story, the gifts given to Jesus and their significance.


Easter Lesson

Why did Jesus die? And why do Christians think this is good news?

Considers 3 characters in the Easter story and their role in Jesus’ death (Judas, High Priest and Pontius Pilate). Includes an explanation on why Christians celebrate Easter as good news and gives students an opportunity to ask Christians why Easter is important to them.


2 lesson package on the Reformation looking at Martin Luther and William Tyndale


Introduces the Protestant Reformation (1517) and looks at the lives of Martin Luther (Germany, 1483-1546) and William Tyndale (England, 1494-1536). Explores some central features of the Reformation, the impact of the Reformation and the relevance of the Reformation for Christians today.


A Christian perspective on Forgiveness

Explores the concept of forgiveness and explains what Christians believe about forgiveness and why. Gives students an opportunity to ask Christians about their personal experience of forgiveness and how their faith influences their choices about forgiveness.


What is it like being a Christian in Britain today?

Explores what it means to be a Christian and introduces different expressions of Christianity in Britain today. Discusses and evaluates whether Britain is a Christian country and gives an insight into what it is like being a Christian in Britain today.


The Bible

Considers the kind of book it is and looks at the questions: when was it written, how was it written and who wrote it. Explains the main themes of the Bible storyline, the importance of the Bible for Christians and what Christians mean when they say the Bible is 'God's word'.


Year 6 Transition Lesson

Gives space for Year 6s moving on to secondary school to think about new opportunities and explore the things that may be worrying them. Explains that Christians are told in the Bible not to be anxious and that lots of Bible characters faced new situations. Identifies things that can help us to cope in new situations.


Christmas Assembly (approximately 10 minutes long)

Includes a True and False quick quiz on the Christmas story and an interview with Mary the mother of Jesus.


2 lesson package on Social Reformers

Focusing on some of the Christian reformers of the 19th century: Elizabeth Fry, George Muller, William & Catherine Booth and Lord Shaftesbury. Including what it means for Christians to put faith in action and why they do this. The lessons are brought up to the present by considering local charities motivated by the same Christian faith.


 We are happy to tailor or create lessons to suit your needs, just get in touch!
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