Teacher, OSC Easter Lesson

"Just had to say how brilliant that was today. So enjoyable, so engaging, so enlightening, just fabulous. Thank you for being in our school - a true gift!"

Teacher, OSC Reformation Lesson

"Very well thought out activities which were engaging and offer students a different approach to 'normal' lessons which will help make the lessons have a legacy impact." 

Teacher, Wheatley Park School

"I thoroughly recommend Samantha and her dedicated team; they are always superbly organised, have a professional and positive relationship with our students and always allow them to ask their own questions so the learning is positively 'two way'. Thank you Samantha for all your hard work in putting together your teams and to all the volunteers who give up their time to liven up the RE classroom!"

student, cheney school

"The Christian Union has been a welcome oasis of support in a secular and worldly environment. To have a safe space was really valuable to me, especially coming from a Christian school, as I was not used to the state school setting. I will miss meeting together with young people from different churches and youth groups when I leave the school."

Headteacher, Beckley Primary School

"Thank you for visiting our Year 6 children last week. The session was very well received and we look forward to welcoming you back next year."

Dr Ewan McKendrick, Patron

"Oxford Schools' Chaplaincy provides a professional approach to the exploration of the Christian faith and related issues. They carefully manage to balance academic requirements with the realities of the individual nature of faith."