Get Involved

Would you like to be involved in the life of your local school? Oxford Schools' Chaplaincy makes it easy to volunteer and to support the work of teachers and schools workers across Oxfordshire.

There are opportunities for youth workers and for volunteers of all backgrounds. Find out more about volunteering here.

Members of our team are also available to visit your church or small groups and give a brief presentation about what we do and how to get involved.

What our volunteers say:

I love being involved in praying for OSC knowing that it is helping more children to hear the truth of the Gospel in schools. (Kim)

I have been an OSC volunteer for 2 years and I really enjoy discussions in small groups and seeing the students grow in understanding. (Sara)

I have found OSC to be very professional in the way it relates to schools and prepares its volunteers. I always enjoy interacting with the pupils, hearing their ideas and opening their eyes to new ones. I’m excited to see OSC growing and developing. It would be fantastic to have contact with all the schools around the city, giving all our young people at least a brief snapshot of what it means to be a Christian. (Vicky)

It is a blessing and a privilege to work with OSC staff and volunteers, taking the Gospel into the schools particularly The Oxford Academy where 35 years ago I was a former student. I find it very rewarding when Christians from different churches work together and it is encouraging to share the Gospel in a way which also increases my faith. (Copeland)

I have been volunteering for three years. I love supporting the schools in teaching and enabling local Christians to take real Christianity to children who might never hear it from others. (Elizabeth)

The highlight of working for OSC is praying together for schools work and seeing so many answers to prayer…that inspires us to pray for even more Gospel transformation in our schools and the lives of all in our school community. (Hemara)

As a former primary school teacher, I love being back in the school in this privileged position where we can share with children what it means to really know God and live life from this place. (Kath)