Meet Our Volunteers


Our dedicated volunteers are from all backgrounds, professions and walks of life. We have regular training sessions throughout the year where you can meet other volunteers, Oxford Schools Chaplaincy trustees and representatives from schools across Oxfordshire. You can also meet some of our volunteers past and present.


I volunteered for around four years. I enjoyed using my teaching skills in the classroom. It is a great experience to bring a taste of the Christian faith into secondary schools.


As a former Physics and IT teacher, it is an absolute joy to be in classrooms and talk about the Christian faith. I volunteered since early 2017 and was a privilege to work with such a wide variety of people from different churches. A teacher always loves to see young people discover things, make connections about something new, particularly when it is about a thing close to your heart!


As a dad of two school-age boys who has left a career in business, I think it is really important that young people in schools see that Christians come in all shapes and sizes, and that the stereotypes of Christians and their beliefs that we so often see in the media are challenged. I strongly believe that Christianity needs to be seen as a credible faith option in our schools – and I’m delighted to help OSC deliver that vision.


Arthur, Youth Worker at Cutteslowe Connected Church, joined the OSC team in 2023, and is leading one of our CU's in school.  Arthur really enjoys heading out in the countryside for an adventure, whether on a paddleboard or bike or sitting with a good coffee and reading a novel at home while listening to his vinyl records.


It is a privilege to work with OSC staff and co-volunteers in Oxford schools particularly The Oxford Academy where 35 years ago I was a student. I find it very rewarding and encouraging to be back in the classroom to talk about my faith!