OSC volunteers to return to lessons

After a long lockdown, we are delighted to hear that we will be able to return to classrooms soon, taking local Christian volunteers into schools to share our faith with students, in teams delivering prepared lessons.   Training will take place soon for volunteers getting ready to go back into the classroom.  If you have not volunteered in this way before and you would be interested to know more, please do get in touch with jo.curtis@oxfordschoolschaplaincy.org    

We are also seeking additional supporters for Christian Unions and Christian Explorer groups meeting in schools across the city  – small groups of five to ten students at lunchtime or after school.  New volunteers who are available during the daytime once a week, are most welcome to talk to us, and consider becoming an OSC volunteer.  Again, please do get in touch: jo.curtis@oxfordschoolschaplaincy.org   

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